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When the ninth injection mobs

2011.11.26 Sat


Jianguang less two, Fang Ya changed to vomit blood, because the generals and Yan unparalleled violence ghd sale has been lying on the ground did not move. Look at the situation that has given up the ghost, whether it is helping no one ghd straightener can endure continuous several times, not Laozhao card, the first loss of soldiers to encounter a monster pack will be a 4 player. Assistance has been less than the value of the beginning of the life of the old power point. Shock on the desert to stop the war, there are no signs of that.


When the ninth injection mobs, Ya Fang, who is almost done by the best facilities to, Cheng laugh than do high-wind movement got a bad shake in the heart of several quasi-negligible level changes had an idea of the elegant side, her side of the people Au attack hit almost 4 o more damage, leaf cool over there in about four hurt about hunger. This wave can not be killed if the leaves to help cool for the next wave, concaveand see, do not have any heavy weapons or Masada, Ya Fang become at ease, showing a hint ghd dark of moving mouth smile, because the help that is o that moment, suddenly cool Feijian leaves on a continuous wave, as if what is thrown down, the next than therush of to help out. Fang Ya change was still laughing, but her smile fast solidification, because she saw the assistance the head several consecutive emerge, ground of the innumerable silver scorpion disappeared without a trace to a sea of fire this kid makes magic Could not a big move? but she soon understood why, Ye Shuang Zhesi good last few grenades thrown straight down. creeping high strange, values directly to these injuries can help,for a long time also linked to four master slut white leaf in the end letting an advantage, have a party pink ghd Ya want to change the impulse to kill. sound anywhere in the world have loved to listen to a player, and help there is, but it helps seem especially good stuff burst out of anger become a little elegant side to reduce a bit. and the way the wind has rushed up laughing. Xun the most valuable class a few pieces of equipment to the sacred go fishing, Yan Diao required to fly directly to Eagle two skills book, it touches leaves cool and leisurely jumped Feijian Lei Lei, first pick a few bundles of Pharmacy, followed it away with the money heap, this time All eyes are bright, because the ground as much as four cards props. rumors seem true, this place really explosive cards. Da handsome and numb, and he saw clearly the fishing of the two star Lei ghd salon Lei card, a piece of green leaf cool fishing and a Black Star Card Star Card. Black Star card ghd blue serenity ah?


My God, God is unfair to you na! Da guy suddenly have a feeling this is just a little help bundle, really big help, themselves. Ye Shuang, throwing hand grenades thrown the last Debu indeed must not, he is to pull the strings so smashed down for several seconds while The timing is not only the situation well. but also wrecked a very prospective directions, and sometimes hard luck is usually based on need. sacred hymn card green star features: increased fighting as a team strength, the value of life of all members of group ten Wei, mental Hey device, force said, hey agility. element values said. Remote buried, perception ridge mixed, yo% resistance, defense used, duration advised seconds; ghd white requirements: limited population of people within the team group! leaves laughing suddenly cool, green is the Green Star Card Star Card, though only last minutes, within minutes in the hope that he improved the overall strength of a party more than just paste, it may be 3 times as much. because this is a team of small group strength, of course not so good effects. In other words, now if one side is not elegant hanging by their own people once used this card.


Fang Ya they were bombers kill variable residue. Spring Geka suffering evil black star feature: This card can only be used as an individual player, using this card the value of life reduced to points, the player into the ghd pink limited edition body of any outside attack is invalid. Grilled dead enemy players is not valid, the old minutes after the resurrection. Value and the element values of life recovery bounce, use this card above 3 Magic!