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Light son saw little tan

2011.12.01 Thu


LiuJun and LiangJingWei was not to take a reason he, the rogue bludger, even if in the marketplace is a character, in between the secretary and the long eyes, even medicine even the clown. At least the clown can Po man ghd gold one happy, this person but only those annoying. But saw light seed as the affectation, two peoplegone, but look at what else is he spent to make out Europe. LiangJingWei twist JingWeiYuan toward small qi makes a gesture. Small heart qi leaders will immediately take out a cellular phone, phone call, whispered, and there said a few words

LiangJingWei as a scholar is military refers to defend southeast, shoulder sample member of the burden, the idea is very careful. Though a line of five, all is not bad, true to form, and we think the hard rush here may block the security ghd hair straightener purple ghd to stand. But saw light son this posture, apparently, one of the eight steps of what, rogue faces is dye-in-the-wood. This is in their turf, one thousand to get out of a what thing, they there is safety in Numbers, this hurt points out, humiliated, proclaim flesh lost thestill get?

Light son saw little tan, estimation is call move reinforcements, and doncare deeply about nothing. In the field of Ming city, and of the black, who dare to evil forces in his HeZhuang before always filling boss? These a few foreign guy, itclear from situation. or

LiuJun smiled, and was about to speak, LiangJingWei has rob in front, had said: thing, natural, not by him out to the guest to cope with the truth. Liu and secretary of the elder ghd blue brother of urbanity, follow the psychological is go to understand, and smiled at the side

Wang is played LiangJingWei see light, also forgave said: son didnwordsmy excrement, I, with a large adult he dispute, you compensate eighty thousand piece, called the nonlocal guy three XiangTou ke, that three grandpa, this thing even if be all square!collection also donangry, had asked. happened?son saw their side, to a dozen individuals, have a strong young security is, both of which hold the guy, spirit, to speak more house of rowdy deeper up.

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