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The consumers complain that right after employing the lens

2011.09.17 Sat


The consumers complain that right after employing the lens, they could not protect their eyes from the glare when they tilted their head at an angle of 45 degree. At such an angle numerous brands are rendered incapable to offer protection against the horizontal reflected rays. This can also trigger the formation of bright spots on the body of the glass.

  In some instances people today complain that the glass is rendering their vision incapable to distinguish among snow and shadow. This dilemma is overcome by the glasses produced by Oakley Juliet. This happens simply because Oakley products do not enable the loss of contrast in between the two and hence the perception is greater.

  However you must keep in mind several of the points when making use of a polarized glass that's you ought to not use them frequently. The sunglasses which are prescribed can be applied using a mild gray tint so that you can accommodate the lamination of the polarized lens. Some drivers typically complain that the polarized sunglasses render their capability to see an LCD screen incapable.

  There are distortions triggered inside the vision and difficulty arises even though checking the readings of onboard clocks and several other instrumental displays inside the car. Oakley aim at decreasing these issues when you're employing their products. They enhance their performance with horizontally and vertically polarized light as both of them are necessary for viewing the three dimensional movies.

  The light reflected by the screen consist both of vertically and horizontally polarized light which are both captured by the brain and superimposed to make the sense of depth.

  Oakley aims to keep the impact of polarization totally consistent along the length of the lens and accomplishcreate an impression of a 3 dimensional image within the retina by superimposing the two images that are formed. Generally in motion pictures this is brought about by filters that have orthogonal polarizing properties.