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Since 1937, ray ban has become the pioneer of sunglasses and optics lens in the world

2011.09.16 Fri


Since 1937, ray ban has become the pioneer of sunglasses and optics lens in the world. What it stands for is not just a brand. It's also the pronoun of free, innovative and ego, which also embodies the core value of Ray-ban concepts.

ray ban uk has always been the best-selling sunglasses brand in the world. It is one of the marks of American armed forces and quickly dominated the world as a fashion product after war. The new Rare Prints series of Ray-ban sunglasses in spring of 2010, upon its appearance, continues to catch many people's eyes. It not only inherits the same previous vitality and color elements as the former quarters, and it launches the latest models for people to have more choices. How can fashionable people miss it? As always, Ray-ban is still represented the quality and real self that the product of each series have amazing details of the design what expressed strongly a kind of extraordinary personal style.

Ray-ban sunglasses of Rare Prints series incorporate the local map of New York subway into the exterior design, which adds an avant-garde urbanized charm to this style. With the popularity of Geek Chic and vintage in 1970s in this season, Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses promptly become the necessity filled with nostalgia of 1960s and 1970s. ray ban sunglasses won the love of the fashion icons by the large frame and stunning color. Sienna Miller, Olsen Twins, Kirsten Dunst, etc. are all its big fans.

As early as the end of 2009, Ray-ban Rare Prints sunglasses appeared and the printing design turned people on. Printing is the hottest trend in 2010 spring and summer, and it was thought that Ray-ban caught it, actually it is the cooperation product of Ray-ban and the street artists, which shows the core spirit of brand "Never Hide". The advertising posters of this series, there happens to have a "head with grass" , making it weird and interesting. The msot unmissable type is a wayfarer with the underground map of New York printed in the outboard. Its map design gains the commision from Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York. When the schedule comes, they should not produce, they are absolutely the limited edition collection and the color is very fit for the daily matching, but it is the fall an and the color is very fit for the daily matching, but it is the fall and winter st The model of Clubmaster series is more suitable for Asian face, but its design make hign-key and individual persons look special out of ordinary.

Ray-ban aviator sunglasses is perhaps the best-selling styles of the Ran-ban, but the Wayfarer sunglasses is more representative of the brand's spirit - live myself. Even the most unpleasant face wearing this kind of glasses, he can see the other side of his character.